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Kashmiri Rouf

About Kashmiri Rouf

In the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Rouf is considered as one of the most prominent dance form. This dance art has always been an element of Kashmiri life since primeval times. In the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir that is Srinagar this dance form is marked as 'Row' whereas in other villages, it is well defined as 'Ruf'. This welcoming dance form is basically carried out by Kashmiri women in order to welcome the spring season. One will also come across a fair number of performances that are carried during the prologue of spring period. Furthermore this dance is obviously enthused by an insect bee. By this dance form the Kashmiri women depicts the lovemaking of the bees that can clearly be seen when it is portrayed. In this dance Rouf, two or four clusters are created and each group consists of two to three charming and beautiful women. These women performers stand in a line of two rows by facing each other. Also they hold the hand of their adjacent partner. Thereafter the dance is performed as women bend their feet frontward and then to back. During the performance the song that is sung is in the type of answer and question. Additionally rouf is carried out by women in such form where one cluster puts up question and the other react to it in a musical way.